Where to view the list of my importers?

All settings of your integrations set up in Coupler.io are shown in 'Importers' section. Get started with Coupler.io by adding a new importer to this section! 

The functionality the 'Importers' page offers

1. The Importers list page

2. The Importers view page

1. The Importers list page

It allows you to:

  • View importers created by you and your team members (under the “All Importers” tab).
  • Review the information about the last import date and time, as well as see the time scheduled for the next import to run.
  • See errors occurring for a specific importer and their description.
  • Search importers by name, application type or destination.
  • Run a single, all, or several chosen importers manually (trigger a data refresh by pressing the “Run” button).
Note: it is also possible to run importers that were configured using different destination accounts. 
  • Sort by “Last imported”, “Last created”, “Last modified”, “Name”, order by “Ascending” or “Descending”.

In case you are  creator of the importer or have owner role in the account - you also have additional actions available on the list page:

  • Delete importers.
  • Copy importers.

2. The Importer’s view page 

allows you to:

  • Edit importer’s name.
  • View importer’s name, usage information, schedule, as well as source and destination settings.
  • Configure source account: select from the list or add new and select it.
  • Configure destination account: select from the list or add new and select it.
  • Switch on or off the automatic data refresh, change schedule, and amend timezone settings.
  • Manually run an importer from this view.
  • Open the destination document to edit the integration settings or view the imported data.

In case you are creator of the importer or have owner role in the account - you also have additional actions available on the view page:

  • Copy the importer.
  • Delete the importer.
Read more about member roles in Coupler.io account in this article.
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