How to import from Airtable new entries only

Every day your Airtable database gets new entries. Below you'll find a solution to import those new entries only to your destination instead of pulling the entire dataset from Airtable.

Airtable side

1. Add a separate view 

The view type should be the same as the one you use to import all your data.

2. Add a filter to the created view

Add a filter with the following setup:

  • select the field with the creation date (for example, Date of order)
  • select "is" as a filter operator
  • select "number of days ago..." and enter "1" in the next box as a filter parameter  

3. Create a shareable view link

  • Click on the 'Share view' button on the Airtable toolbar
  • Select 'Create a shareable grid view link'
  • Once Airtable will open 'This view is shared via a private link' window you can copy generated URL as per screenshot below side

  • Set up Airtable importer.
  • Insert your private Shared View Link in the "Shared URL" field of your Airtable importer.
  • Select the append import mode to import new Airtable entries and place them below the previously imported data.
  • Toggle the Automatic data refresh on and specify the import frequency: Every Day.
  • Close the window to save the parameters for this integration or Save & Run to save the integration and run the initial import right away.

From now on, will import only the new entries from your Airtable database and append them to the previously imported ones in your destination.

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