Replace vs append import mode

A data import mode is an approach will use to upload your data from various apps to your destination. Every importer supports both replace and append modes.

1. Enable Append mode

Import mode is available in 'Destination' block of your importer:

2. Replace vs Append import mode.

3.1. Replace import mode.

Replace - this mode removes all previously imported data and fully replaces it with the latest information available in your data source (an app where you import your data from).

We recommend using this mode when you need to update your entire spreadsheet database with the latest information from your app (data source).

3.1. Append import mode.

Append - this mode imports all data from your data source and places it to the end of a document (below your previously imported data).

We recommend using this mode when you have a dynamically changing document with only new data coming in, so that new entries will be added to an existing spreadsheet database.
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