How to set up automatic data refresh?

An automatic data refresh allows a user to set up a schedule for data to refresh in your Google spreadsheet.

The 3 steps to set up automatic data refresh

  1. Open dashboard
  2. Select a data source
  3. Scroll down to set up Settings

1. Open dashboard

1.1. Go to Add-ons menu, pick, and Open Dashboard

1.2. Press Add importer

When you open the dashboard for the first time, you will see the  Empty State screen. A message on the screen will tell you that you have no active importers yet. 

2. Select a data source

2.1. Pick a data source to import from, or search for it

3. Scroll down to set up Settings

3.1. Toggle "Automatic data refresh" on 

3.2. Specify Interval, Days of week, and Time to run the Automatic data refresh

On September 7, 2020, released its custom scheduling functionality. This will allow users to specify days of the week and time of day when they expect their importers to run.

Note: As part of the new data refresh control, the following frequencies has been eliminated: 3, 6, and 12 hours. The importers using 3 hour frequencies automatically migrated to "Every Hour". The importers using 6 or 12 hour frequencies migrated to “Every Day”.  For any questions regarding the migration, feel free to contact us at

The automatic data refresh schedule works according to your spreadsheet time zone.

Once you set up your first importer, we recommend clicking Save and Run, so your data will get imported to Google Sheets for the first time.

Please note: uses a time-driven Google trigger to enable scheduled data refreshes. The exact timing for an importer to run may be slightly randomized. For instance, if you create an importer and set it up to run at 10:00am, Google's Apps Script will pick a time between 10:00am and 11:00am for the first automatic import to run, and then will keep that timing from day to day, so that either 1 hour (for hourly updates), or 24 hours (for daily updates), or more (for weekly and monthly schedules) will pass before your importer runs again.

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