Preview data and transformation has recently launched a new feature that enables users to preview and transform their data before exporting it to their desired destination. This innovative feature is designed to provide users with more control over their data, helping them to ensure its accuracy and consistency, which is essential for successful data analysis and reporting.

Preview data

This preview feature allows users to view their data before exporting it into the spreadsheet or table, giving them the opportunity to detect any issues or inconsistencies before it is exported.

How to preview data?

  1. Once you complete the source configuration, you’ll see the option to preview and transform your data:
  2. When you click on it, returns a window with two tabs. The Preview results tab will show the data values that will be imported to your destination file. If the data does not need any transformation, you could click on Proceed and continually set up your importer.

Data transformation

In addition to previewing data, also allows users to transform data using the platform's new data transformation feature. The transformation tools allow users to hide, edit and reorder columns and manipulate data in various ways, such as filtering and adding a calculable column. This means that users can transform their data to suit their specific needs and requirements, enabling them to export it to their destination in the desired format.

Here is what you can do:

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