Harvest data source

Learn how to set up a Harvest data source and then move this data to one of the data destinations supported by Coupler.io 

2 steps to complete the setup

  1. Set up your data source
  2. Set up your data destination

1. Set up your data source

1.1. Select an application: Harvest

1.2. Connect a Harvest account

  • Click "Connect".
  • Log in to the selected Harvest account. 
  • Coupler.io will need full read and write access to view your Harvest account. Click "Authorize App" to grant access.

1.3. Select Harvest account which belongs to your source account

You may have several accounts under your Harvest credentials, please select the account you want to pull data from.

If there's only one account under your credentials, it will be selected by default.

1.4. Select a data entity 

Select a data category to import: Clients, Estimates, Companies, Expenses, Projects, etc.

1.5. Specify the data entity's last modified date (optional) 

Specify the date or time after which you want to pull the Harvest data. This field supports macro. To learn more about using macros in Coupler.io, refer to this article.

2. Set up your data destination

Continue setting up the integration depending on the system you want to import data to. Select your tool from the list of supported data destinations and follow the relevant setup guide.

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