Google BigQuery destination setup

Review this guide to learn how you can set up Google BigQuery destination for a number of supported by data sources.

The 5 steps to complete the setup of this data destination

  1. Connect BigQuery account
  2. Get a Key file & upload it to
  3. Specify the Dataset and Table names
  4. Pick the right import mode
  5. Set up an automatic data refresh

1. Connect a BigQuery account

To do it, you need to select a Key file in JSON format. 

2. Get a Key File

2.1. Generate Key file

Use our guide to learn how to get the Google Cloud JSON Key file.

2.2. Upload the Key file (JSON) to

  • Now go back to the form and select this file. Then click Save.

3. Specify the Dataset and Table names where to import your data to

Below you may see the screenshots showing where to get Dataset and Tables names from, where 

  • airtabledatabase is the name of your Dataset
  • AIdata - is the name of your Table

4. Pick the right Import mode

  • Replace - fully replaces all previously imported data with the latest information available in your data source.
  • Append - places your newly imported data under previously imported entries; is suitable for tracking historical data changes.

5. Set up an automatic data refresh

5.1. Set up a schedule for data refresh

Specify Interval, Days of the week, Time of the day, and Schedule time zone to run the Automatic data refresh.

Learn more about Automatic data refresh.

5.2. Save the changes

Click  SAVE AND RUN to save the parameters and run the initial import right away.

5.3. Open newly imported data

To see your imported data, just click Open in the right top corner.

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