How to get Google Cloud key file?

Learn how to generate a Google Cloud JSON key file to use for connecting to your BigQuery source or destination.

  • Then on the left-hand side of the IAM & Admin page, pick Service Accounts.

  • Click Create service account at the top to add a new service account.

  • Enter the Service account name and press Create.

  • Add roles BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery Job User. Click Continue, Done.
Note: If you are planning to use BigQuery as a data source and destination please add these roles:
  • BigQuery Job User
  • BigQuery Data Editor

  • Find your service account and open it.

  • Navigate to the Keys tab

  • Click "Add key", select the option "Create new key".

  • Pick JSON type and press Create.

  • You will be asked to save a file to your computer. Save it.

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