QuickBooks Reports data source

Learn how to set up a QuickBooks Reports data source and then move this data to one of the supported by Coupler.io data destinations.

The 2 steps to complete the setup

  1. Set up your data source
  2. Set up your data destination

1. Set up your data source

  • Select QuickBooks Reports as a source application:
  • Connect a QuickBooks Online account
    • Click 'Connect' button.
    • Log in to the desired QuickBooks Online account. 
    • Coupler.io needs consents to view your QuickBooks data. Click 'Allow' in the pop-up window to grant needed consents.
  • Select what report you want to fetch from QuickBooks
  • Select one of the pre-defined periods you want to build report for in the dropdown 'Report period':
  • Note: If you want to select custom period for the report, leave this field empty and proceed to the next step.

  • Fill out the "Display columns by" field:
  • If you want to create separate columns for each month, customer etc select name of the desired column in this field. If you want to receive standard view of a report leave this field empty.

  • Specify the 'Start date' and 'End date' for your report in case you want to build it for a custom period:
  • Note, that these fields are supporting date macros (e.g. {{today}}). Read this guide to learn more about Coupler.io macro support.

  • Specify additional report parameters in the "Query parameters" field:

Different reports support different query parameters. Explore the available options for these query parameters in this guide.

2. Set up your data destination

Continue setting up the integration depending on the system where you want to import data to. See full list of supported data destinations and follow set up guide for chosen one.

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