Google Sheets data source

Learn how to set up a Google Sheets data source and then move this data to one of the supported by data destinations.

Video tutorial:

Detailed instructions to complete the setup:

  1. Set up your data source
  2. Set up your data destination

1. Set up your data source

1.1. Select an application: Google Sheets

1.2. Connect a Google Sheets account

  • Click CONNECT.
  • Log in to the chosen Google Sheets account. 
  • will need access to view your Google Sheets data. Click Allow to grant access.

1.3. Select a Spreadsheet to export data

1.4. Select a Sheet to export data

1.5. Fill out the "Range" field

If you add a sheet’s name that doesn’t exist yet, once it appears, will fetch data from it.

Select the range in the sheet you want to export data from.

For example:

A1:Z9 to import cells of this static range only    
A:Z to import all columns from A to Z and all rows that fall within this range (including any new rows that might appear in this range)    
1:1 to import only the first line from the connected sheet    
If you've got the error "A specified worksheet/range was not found", check the spreadsheet URL/ID and the data range you specified in the respective field one more time.

2. Set up your data destination

Continue setting up the integration depending on the system where you want to import data to. See full list of supported data destinations and follow set up guide for chosen one.

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