How to combine data from different Pipedrive data entities in a single sheet?

Pipedrive Importer lets you pull data separately from the following entities: Deals, Persons, Organizations, and Files. If you need to import mixed data (some fields from one entity and some fields from another one), do the following:

Step 1: Import fields from the entities using separate Pipedrive importers 

For example, if you need to import specific fields from Deals and Persons, set up two Pipedrive importers: one for Deals, another one for Persons.

Step 2: Use the Google Sheets formulas to lookup the required columns

Read out blog post to discover the power of the VLOOKUP function in Google Sheets.

Use case:

We need to import three fields from Persons (, and org_id.address), and one field from Deals (formatted_value). 

Step 1

Set up two Pipedrive importers with the following parameters:

Pipedrive importer #1:

  • Data entity: Persons
  • Fields: name,, org_id.address
  • When configuring this importer, navigate to Destinations => Show advanced => type in B1 into the "Cell address" field

That's how the imported Persons data set looks:

Pipedrive importer #2:

  • Data entity: Deals
  • Fields:, formatted_value

The field is needed to vertically lookup the data.

That's how the imported Deals data set looks:

Step 2

Once you've imported data using the two importers, apply the following VLOOKUP formula to the A1 cell of the sheet with Pipedrive Persons:

={"formatted_value";iferror(arrayformula(vlookup(B2:B,'Pipedrive Deals'!A2:B,2,false)))}

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