Tableau data source

Learn how to set up a Tableau data source and then move its data to one of the data destinations supported by

2 steps to complete the setup

  1. Set up your data source
  2. Set up your data destination

1. Set up your data source

1.1. Select an application: Tableau

1.2. Connect your Tableau account

1.3. Enter View/Dashboard URL

  1. Open Tableau service
  2. Select Workbook.
  3. Navigate to the needed dashboard/view.
  4. Copy view/dashboard URL.
  5. Paste to the settings.

Tableau API limitations:

  1. Only the alphabetically first sheet of your dashboard can be exported due to the Tableau API’s limitations. In the dashboard above data from the "Customer Ranking" sheet will be imported.
  2. Dashboard/View URL Name should be unique. If you have non-unique view names - API cannot define what view to fetch.

2. Set up your data destination

Continue setting up the integration depending on the system you want to import data to. Select your tool from the list of supported data destinations and follow the relevant setup guide.

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