15-03-22: Dropbox is now available as a data source!

What’s new

  1. Import data from Dropbox
  2. Instant source and destination selection block

1. Import data from Dropbox

Till today, Coupler.io users could load data from two cloud platforms: Google Drive and OneDrive. Now another drive is available as a data source - Dropbox. With a few clicks, you can automate exports of data from CSV and Excel files stored on Dropbox to your preferred destination. 

  • Select Dropbox as the source app and connect to your Dropbox account.

  • Select a file with the data to extract. You can select .csv, .xlsx, and .xlsm files including the ones in the folders shared with you from other Dropbox accounts. If you’re loading data from an Excel file, you’ll also need to select a sheet or multiple sheets to be merged into one.

The Destination and Schedule settings haven’t changed, so proceed with the as usual. However, there is still a small change in the setup wizard that we’d like to introduce below.

2. Instant source and destination selection block

Previously, you could select apps for the source and destination at the respective steps of the setup. Now you will be able to select the source and destination apps at the setup’s outset:

If for any reason you changed your mind as to the destination app, you can select another app during the Destination configuration setup.

Many more updates are expected soon so stay tuned!

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