01-02-2022: Welcoming a new data source - Salesforce

What’s new

  1. Import data from Salesforce
  2. Shopify integration improvements
  3. UX update: comma separator for stats

1. Import data from Salesforce

From now on, you can import Salesforce data to your destination to create aggregated reports, share records with stakeholders, connect information with external systems, and so on. 

  • Find Salesforce in the drop-down list of source applications and connect to your Salesforce account with a click of a button.

  • Choose from hundreds of data entities available for import from Salesforce to your destination.

  • Optionally you can filter the imported data by specifying the after/before dates of the last data update, as well as using the advanced SOQL-based filter.

2. Shopify integration improvements

The list of the exportable Shopify data entities was expanded. Now you can import the following information from Shopify:

  • Customers
  • Inventory
  • Products
  • Orders 
  • Order fulfillments
  • Orders with line items
  • Orders with shipping lines
  • Order refunds transactions

You can also control the appearance of columns imported from Shopify. For this, specify them in the Columns field in the desired order.

3. UX update: comma separator for stats

Enjoy a nice comma separator for all statistics numbers in both web and add-on for better visual representation.

Many more updates are expected soon so stay tuned!

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