Google Drive data source

Learn how to set up a Google Drive data source and then move files data to one of the supported by data destinations. allows importing data from your Google Drive. It supports the following file formats:

  • Google Sheets
  • *.csv
  • *.xlsx or *.xlsm

To set up a Google Drive source please follow the steps:

  1. Add a new importer.
  2. Select "Google Drive" as a source application.
  3. Select a Google account with view rights to the desired file.
  4. Select the desired file.

Note, that to select shared files you must use the Google Drive search field:

  1. If you select an Excel workbook or a Google spreadsheet, 'Sheets' field will appear. You will be able to select one or more sheets to import data from. Read this article to learn more about importing several sheets.
  2. It is possible to define the imported 'Range' for Excel and Google Sheets data sources.

Continue setting up the integration depending on the system where you want to import data to. See the full list of the supported data destinations and follow a set up guide for the chosen one.

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