Xero Reports data source

Learn how to set up a Xero Reports data source and then move this data to one of the supported by Coupler.io data destinations.

The 2 steps to complete the setup

  1. Set up your data source
  2. Set up your data destination

1. Set up your data source

1.1. Select an application: Xero Reports

1.2. Connect a Xero account

  • Click CONNECT.
  • Log in to the chosen Xero account. 
  • Coupler.io will need access to view your Xero data. Click Allow access to grant access.

1.2. Choose the tenant

The drop-down has all tenants available under your account. All further configurations will be applied to chosen tenant. 

Please note, that Coupler.io defines available tenants during the connection creation, so, if you add new tenant and would like to use it also, then you have to reconnect Xero account.

1.2. Select a Report Name

Click on the field and select a type of Xero report to export.

Coupler.io supports the following Xero reports:

  • Aged Payables by Contact
  • Aged Receivables by Contact
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Statement
  • Bank Summary
  • Budget Summary
  • Executive Summary
  • Profit and Loss
  • Trial Balance

1.3. Fill out the "Start Date" & "End Date" (optional)

Specify dates which you report should start and end from. You can also use date macros in this field. 

1.3. Fill out the Parameters (optional)

All the options below are for the Profit and Loss report. If you would like to get detailed info and/or examples for each report, please find them in this help article.

1.3.1. Number of periods to compare & Period

Specify the number of periods. As soon as you choose value in the drop-down, the Period drop-down will be unlocked. Month is a default value. You can also choose quarter or year.

Period determines how your report will be grouped while Number determines quantity of such groups, e.g. "11" + "Month" returns data for whole year which will be grouped by each month in the year. "2" + "Year" returns data for the last 3 years grouped by each year.

1.3.2. Standard layout on/off

Toggle for enabling/disabling standard layout. If true, custom report layouts can’t be exported.

1.3.3. Show cash payments only on/off

Toggle to show only cash payments or not. If true, cash transactions only will be exported.

1.3.4. Tracking category ID

There're two fields which allow you to export each option as a separate column.

1.3.4. Tracking option ID

In addition to categories, you could also specify tracking option IDs. 

Please find additional info for tracking options in the official Xero documentation.

2. Set up your data destination

Continue setting up the integration depending on the system where you want to import data to. Choose a data destination that you want to import data to:

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