21-10-20: Support of connected destination accounts

It is extremely important that you read this update and connect your Destination account.

What's new

  1. Our plans for the future
  2. How to connect a Destination account
  3. Next steps

1. Our plans for the future 

The Coupler.io team is in the process of adding the importer setup flow to the web version of our product. The first step in this direction is the migration to a new web scheduler. In the short term, it will allow us to improve the automatic data refresh and, at some point in the future, introduce more frequent updates.

2. How to connect a Destination account

To prepare for the migration, we’ll need your help. We would like to ask you to  connect your Destination account:

2.1. Open any active importer.

2.2. Enter the edit mode.

  • On the Active importers screen, navigate to the contextual menu (three dots) of an importer and choose Edit.
  • Enter the importer Edit mode and amend the necessary fields and/or account connections.

2.3. Connect your destination account.

  • Pick an account you want to connect to.
  • Sign in to the chosen account.
  • Review the contents of access rights which you are granting to Coupler.io and press Allow.
  • Confirm your choices.
  • Read the "Close this window" message and close the pop-up.
Note: After doing it for one importer, Coupler.io will automatically assign the Destination account to the rest. Please make sure to connect the Google account you usually use to open Coupler.io add-on. 

3. Next steps

In about 3-5 weeks, we will release a Destinations web page (just like the one we have for Connections), where you will be able to manage your Destination accounts. 

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