23-09-20: Improvements of CSV, Pipedrive and Airtable importers

Our team is excited to share the latest product update with you! This time the news relates to improvements of specific importers.

What's new:

  1. CSV importer
  2. Pipedrive importer
  3. Airtable importer

1. CSV: an easy way to pull Excel files

Our team has implemented an approach allowing you to pull Excel files from any storage or API (including OneDrive and Dropbox) by simply entering an embedding code into the CSV URL field. Check out this step by step guide to learn how to do that.

2. Pipedrive: expanding data entities to import with “Activities”

At this moment, Coupler.io users can import Activities data such as a call, meeting, task, deadline, email, etc. from Pipedrive to any of the supported destinations. We believe that it will help you perform the necessary calculations to measure conversions, as well as track KPIs based on the specific activity data points.

3. Airtable: an update in checkbox formatting

From now on, Coupler.io interprets Airtable’s boolean format as “TRUE” or “FALSE”. Earlier Airtable’s checkboxes were displayed as “YES” or “NO”.

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